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Exterior Details

Hyper Exterior

The Hyper Maintenance Wash Service can be done bi-weekly or once a month to help supplement at home quick details. They also vary in price based on how dirty it has become since the last thorough detailing. If your vehicle has never been detailed professionally in the past, we would love for you to become a regular client. We strongly suggest you start with a Ultra or one of our polishing services before letting us maintain your vehicle.

  • Pre-Rinse
  • Hand Wash
  • Cleaning wheels, tires, and wheel well
  • Wipe down with Vital Refresh
  • Clean the windows
  • Treat tires, plastics with premium exterior dressings
Hyper wash service for our previously detailed vehicles that need a proper wash that you just can't get at home.
Quick, easy, back to looking FRESH!

Ultra Clean

Whether the exterior of your vehicle just needs a good cleaning or just a little extra attention, we've got you covered. Our in house Ultra clean service begins with a thorough foam wash and clay bar treatment, which removes brake dust, rail dust, and other deposits in the clear coat. We clean the door jams, wheel wells, tires, rims, and trim before applying a nice coat of protectant! From this foundation of clean, we can either step into our Legendary enhancement services or simply maintain with our Hyper washes.
Ultra clean detail gives your vehicle the shine it deserves! Get the ultimate clean today!

Legend Enhancement Detail

The single stage enhancement detail that uses a polish designed to leave your vehicle with, shine, reflection and overall appearance that is nothing short of legendary. This is the cornerstone of what we envision most people are requesting when they want a detail for the first time. The Legendary detail is a great introduction to the paint correction offering of Vital Auto Spa. A considerable bump in both clean and shine over the Ultra detail. While this offering is great for most vehicles by removing roughly 80% of your defects, our Retro Correction and our Maximus details are designed for vehicles in need of extra love or for those seeking the ultimate in gloss and clarity.
  • Complete hand wash with a steam rinse
  • Clean and treat the wheels, tires & all trim
  • Clean the paint using detailer's clay
  • Single-stage machine paint polishing to remove fine scratches, swirls & car wash marring
  • 6-12 Month Protection applied to paint surfaces
legend glow
Become the Legend on your block with this kind of shine!
This detail is unfortunately not suggested unless you are ready to blind everyone you drive by.

Retro Restoration Detail

This multi-step correction detail is designed around two specific cases. If you are an automotive enthusiast that is looking to seriously refine their vehicles paints texture and clarity, this is for you. If that formerly new car is starting to show its age but you want it to look the way it used to? This is for you as well.

  • Pre-Wash Iron Cleanse
  • Foam Hand Wash
  • Clay Decon
  • Paint Evaluation
  • Multi Stage Foam Polish
  • Sealant Applied
  • Windows Cleaned
Going past 88mph, going to 11, this is MAXIMUS!....RAD

Maximus Correction

This detail is designed to push the paint to the maximum. Going beyond a multi stage paint correction and manually leveling the vehicle with sandpaper. This detail is not for the faint of heart and yields the flattest possible surface resulting in a level of gloss and reflection rivaled only by wet paint. Our Legendary and Retro details are designed around safety and longevity and usually remove most, but not all, defects. In this detail, we are pushing the clear to the lowest valley, and we recommend this only in unique situations.
  • Pre-Wash Iron Cleanse
  • Foam Hand Wash
  • Clay Decon
  • Paint Evaluation
  • Spot Sanding
  • Rotary Correction
  • Multi Stage Foam Polish
  • Sealant Applied
  • Windows Cleaned